June 16

Raising Awareness of Bipolar II Disorder

Bipolar II Disorder has been put in the spotlight after the announcement that Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta-Jones suffers from the disorder.  Bipolar II disorder, in contrast with Bipolar I disorder, is characterized by recurrent episodes of depressive illness alternating with periods of mild mania, so called ‘hypomania’, and as such may less easily come to attention…  What are the different recommendations for those suffering from Bipolar II disorder?

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May 16

Age and Onset May Influence Response to Treatment

Studies show that differences in bipolar treatment response emerge when patients with bipolar disorder are grouped according to their age and their age at the onset of the disorder.  “These results suggest that in the older patients, remission and recovery are as easy to achieve but more difficult to maintain compared with that in younger patients”, said the lead researcher Frits Oostervink.

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January 15

Documentary Film on Bipolar Disorder

Movie image for Up/Down (2011)

“UP Down” is an excellent documentary which provides a broad overview of bipolar disorder. It delivers its information through many clips from interviews with people representing a wide cross-section of those diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Its run time is approximately 1 hr and 20 minutes. This film will be very helpful to those who are in the early stages of learning about bipolar disorder.

July 26

The UP-side of Bipolar Disorder

In a study, people suffering from bipolar disorder reported to have experienced many positive experiences such as higher academic abilities, acute senses, perceptual sensitivity, focus, clarity of thought and being for productive and creative. Some of the participants reported to being grateful for these experiences over the negative experiences of bipolar disorder. The post on Bipolar Trek discusses more findings and its possible implications.